Executive Committee

Scott Campbell (Eagle Technology Ltd)


Scott has over 20 years’ experience implementing, designing and consulting upon geospatial solutions in NZ and overseas. Starting into GIS in the UK where he worked for Esri(UK) within their support, presales and consultancy teams he then moved to run the development team responsible for the Esri inc. Developer Mapping products. Moving to New Zealand in 2003, he has spent the past the last 12 years with the GIS division of Eagle Technology Group leading their technology strategy and working with clients and business partners of technology adoption. Scott has been a board member of SIBA(NZ) for 5 years and chairman since 2013. 

Anne Harper (Koordinates Limited)

Vice Chair

Anne is the Client Experience Manager at Koordinates Limited. Previously she was Account Manager and Consultant at Critchlow Limited.

Prior to that Anne's career included roles as GIS Technician, Geospatial analysts and Data Consultant in CoreLogic, Dept of Conversation and ESRI UK. Anne liaises with clients to capture and understand business requirements, designs, manages and executes geospatial projects and assists with external data sourcing. She is great at communicating how spatial solutions can help organisations in gaining efficiencies.

Anne embraces creativities, supports start-ups and stands out in her enthusiasm and commitment to the spatial industries.

SIBA portfolio: Publicity (particularly in innovations and start-ups), SIBA presence in external events.

Jeremy Gulson (Jacobs NZ Ltd)


Jeremy has over 25 years’ experience in the mapping and GIS industry starting out initially as a cartographer, then moving into the GIS field as the technology evolved. Jeremy has held various positions in his career, Technical lead, management roles, project manager roles and currently is a Senior consultant at Jacobs looking after project delivery and strategy for the team. Jeremy has been a SIBA Board Member for over 6 years.

SIBA portfolio: SIBA hosted events, NZSEA awards. 

Harley Prowse (Geographic Business Solutions Ltd)


Harley is the co-owner and co-director of Geographic Business Solutions (GBS), based in Auckland since 2002. GBS offers a full range of GIS consulting and applications development services focussed on the Esri GIS platform. GBS is a Gold Esri Partner.

Harley has considerable experiences (since 1993) with respect to all aspects of GIS including project management, strategic planning, business analysis, user needs assessment, application design and development, and data analysis, integration and capture. Apart from a 2 year Environmental Science role at Waikato Regional Council, Harley's roles prior to founding GBS (with Tony Elson) were all in the private sector relating to software and consultancy. Harley's years of consulting experience have been across a range of industry sectors including Local an Central Government, Forestry, Agriculture, Utilities and Transport. Harley's primary roles within GBS are governance, business development and account management. Harley was a founding member of the Executive Committee for SIBA NZ.

SIBA portfolio: SIBA hosted events, growth in Education sector

Bryan Clarke (Vicinity Solutions Ltd)

Bryan is one of the Directors of Vicinity Solutions, a Christchurch based Geospatial Consultancy which has been operating since 2010. Prior to this Bryan has worked in the geospatial industry for over 20 years, and has been proactive, taking leading roles in the spatial community, including the SIBA executive committee since 2013. Bryan is well known for his strength in spatial data architecture, and has been invited to speak at industry conferences on wise design principles for spatial data. Bryan's out-of-the-box thinking generates a fresh approach to spatial and he is particularly interested in the power of surfaces in analysis.

SIBA portfolio: SIBA hosted events, growth in Education sector

 Peter Hicks (NorthSouth GIS NZ Ltd)

Peter is an experienced Client Relationship Manager with over twenty seven years’ experience in the ICT and Consulting sectors, he has worked the last twenty seven years mostly in the Wellington market place and has established networks at many levels within many organisations focusing on Central Government but also within Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance and Finance. Peter has been a SIBA Board member for 2 years.

SIBA portfolio: Membership structure and Benefits.

Alma Hong (AlmaHong Consultancy, independent)

Alma has operated at executive level and has held Chief Information Officer roles in the transport, local government and emergency services sectors in the last twenty years. She is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Radio NZ.

She has gained in-depth experience as a spatial data creator, custodian and user. One of her most valued successes was the implementation of an organisational wide business intelligence hub on a spatial platform, proving that spatial technologies have long evolved from mapping and presentation to enabling true business intelligence.

Her other strengths include effective and visual IT and organisational strategic planning, transformations, governance setup, programme and service delivery, stakeholder relationship management, people leadership and mentoring.

SIBA portfolio: Strategic Planning, Work Programme management, Membership structure and Benefits, Publicity (particularly with CIOs and ICT partners), SIBA web site development, government committee representations.

Manu King (e-Spatial Ltd)

Manu is a Principal Consultant at e-Spatial, his key area of expertise is identifying the value that location can add to an organisation to meet customer expectations and needs.

Manu represents spatial in the development of key organisational strategies and governance structures, identifying ways to build the unique characteristics of spatial into business strategies and plans. He partners with organisations to identify gaps between key organisational strategies and the operations environment, providing the spatial linkage to improve and align business with IT.

Manu is passionate about the work he does for clients. He loves identifying opportunities, measuring the value and cost of solutions, connecting the dots and working with clients to integrate spatial most effectively. His real-world experience, coupled with his communication skills and ability to relate to people allows Manu to connect at both business and operational levels.

SIBA portfolio: Membership benefits, research Spatial’s positioning in emerging technologies 

Ken Mathers (Hexagon SI)

Ken is the Senior Consultant for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure (formerly Intergraph). He has over 35 years of work experience in various aspects of Mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Ken’s career with Hexagon spans over 25 years. Ken's speciality is GIS project implementation for Electric, Gas and Communications Utilities and is experienced in all aspects of Hexagon software for Utilities. Over the last two decades, Ken led and participated in project teams delivering GIS Implementation and Customer Support in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hong Kong and Japan.

Prior to joining Intergraph, Ken spent seventeen years at Telecom New Zealand where he gained experience in Survey Draughting, Printed Circuit Design, Heating and Ventilation Design, Postal Mechanisation Design, and Geographic Information Systems.

Ken was awarded the prestigious Intergraph Sapphire Circle award in June 2009. The Sapphire Circle Award is an employee recognition program recognizing up to the top 1% of the vast international Intergraph population.

Mark Bell (CoreLogic Ltd)

Information will be posted shortly.